Creating a Order

Administrators can easily create orders for customers and process them using either a provided credit card, check, or grant a user complimentary access. 

To access this feature select the Orders link from the Storefront section of the admin left navigation menu and then click the Create Order .button in the top right hand corner of the screen. You can then select the products you would like to order for the customer by checking the Add to Cart checkbox and adjusting the Quantity field as desired. Once you have selected the items you wish to purchase scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Add to Cart button. You will then be shown the items in your cart. Click Next to proceed.

If you would like to place the order for an existing customer, select the customer's name from the list box located on the left hand side of the page. Then click the Login As Customer button. If you would like to place the order for a new customer click the New Customer button.

On checkout you will be shown the Payment Method page. You will notice that as an Administrator under Payment type you have the option to place an order using either a check or a purchase order (along with the standard credit card methods).

If you select Check you can record an account number and check number. Please note you will still need to deposit the check you receive for payment, but this feature allows you to record the details of the payment.

If you select purchase order you will enter the PO number. If your site is configured to allow immediate access to products for Purchase Order payment - the customer will immediately have access to the purchased products. Otherwise, the customer will not have access to the products until the status of the order has been updated from Purchase Order to Processed. The status can be updated using the Manage Orders function.

You can select your desired payment option and click Submit Order to process the order.

You will also notice that as an Administrator you have a Comp Order button. When you click the Comp Order button no payment information is required and behind the scenes LearningCart will zero out the totals or your order since no money has changed hands. This feature is very useful for granting a customer access to a free demo, or for granting access to your internal team.

The normal order processing logic will apply. The customer will receive a confirmation email and will automatically be granted access to any appropriate content and/or registration codes.

Finally, as an Administrator you have a Save as Invoice button. When you click the Save as Invoice button the customer will immediately have access to the product content. The order will not be marked as Complete until the customer pays for it by visiting their Order History/Invoices page and selecting the Pay Now link. They can also view the Invoice if needed. Once the order is paid, the status will automatically update to New/Processed. An Order Confirmation email will not be sent until the Invoice is paid and the Status is updated to New/Processed.

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