Content & Settings

The Content and Settings page provides access to manage your training content as well as various related settings. 

  • Manage Courses
    Courses in LearningCart consist of content or events that can be bundled together. 
  • Manage Quizzes
    LearningCart includes the ability to create quizzes including question pools, timed quizzes and more.
  • Manage Badges
    This allows you to manage the badges available to your users. Badges are a great way to reward users for completing training activities. 
  • Manage Learning Content
    Learning Content is the educational material that comprises a course. 
  • Manage Forms
    LearningCart forms can be created to capture course feedback within a course. 
  • Manage Point Messages
    If you have enabled Gamification on your site and want to display specific messages for achieving various levels of points use the Manage Point Messages feature. 
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