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Learning Content is the educational material associated with a course. Learning Content can be items like SCORM courses, Videos, PDF files, HTML content, and more! Generally, learning content is added as part of building a course and is added in the process of adding a new course. Your Learning Content can also be accessed directly from Manage Learning Content under Content & Settings. To manage your content, click 'Add Content' at the top of the page or click 'Edit' next to an existing item. You will notice that under your list of existing Learning Content there is a link to Preview any content item. 

Launch File/Browse: Content can be uploaded via FTP utilizing the credentials that were provided to you by your LearningCart representative. For large courses (250 mgs or greater) FTP is required for loading your course into LearningCart so that the system will not time out due to virus scanning. Once loaded via FTP, add a new content item then click 'Browse' and navigate to the location of the content you want to use. After you select the folder that contains your content, LearningCart will automatically detect the name of the course and the launch file it should utilize.

Learning Content Types

SCORM Module
File Link
File Upload
HTML Content
In Person Event

Completion by Content Type

Completion status varies by content type or whatever scoring thresholds you apply to the content settings.

SCORM Module: Completion is based on what has been configured in the SCORM module. Typical configurations we see are slide views or quiz scores. Our system records user completion based on what the SCORM content sends to us.
File Link: Completion is marked when a user clicks to open the link. 
File Upload: Completion is marked when a user clicks to launch the file. 
Form: Completion is based form submission.
HTML Content: Completion is marked when a user clicks to launch the file. 
In Person Event: Completion is manually marked by the instructor or admin based on the criteria of the class (full or partial attendance, participation, etc.) 
PDF: Completion is marked when a user clicks to launch the file. 
PowerPoint: Completion is marked when a user clicks to launch the file. 
Quiz: Completion is based on the score you define when creating the quiz.
Video: Completion can be marked when a user clicks to launch the video or when they have viewed the video to the end. 

Resetting User Course Data for SCORM Modules

There are two ways to clear a learner’s CMI data (data stored by a SCORM module about the learner’s progress) from a SCORM module in LearningCart. 

CMI Data Reset for Course Module

If you need to clear CMI data, you can do this at the individual content item level. Navigate to the content item, then click ‘Reset’ in the bottom left corner of the screen. You will be prompted by a confirmation box: ‘Are you sure you want to clear user CMI data for this course?’- click ‘yes’. Any learner who has access to this piece of learning content through a course in their learning portal will have their SCORM/CMI data cleared within the module. This will not change the status or score that is stored for the learner in LearningCart. 

CMI Data Reset for the Individual Learner

To clear CMI data for the learner in a specific course module, navigate to the learner’s account in the admin of your LearningCart platform – Manage Users -> Customers. Click ‘Details’ next to the account you wish to edit. Click ‘Customer Transcript’ and then locate the course module you need and click ‘Edit’. A popup window will show that allows you to adjust the learner’s status, completion date/time, and score. For a SCORM content item, this window also gives you an option to View or Clear CMI Data. When you click Clear CMI Data, all CMI data stored within the SCORM module will be cleared. This will not change the status or score that is stored for the learner in LearningCart.

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