Content Versions

When updates are made to a content page in LearningCart the system automatically saves the previous version. This allows you to roll back to a previous version if needed.

To restore to a previous version click the Edit Content link from the admin left navigation menu and then click the document that you want to roll back.

The Content page will load and a Versions tab will be available. Click the Versions tab and a drop down list will be displayed showing the date and time of the most previous edits to this document. Select the date and time you would like to roll back to.

You will notice there are two buttons available on this page. Complete Restore and Restore Content.

Clicking Complete Restore will immediately restore all information related to this document to the previous version.

This includes the URL, Description, Title, Document Type, Template and Status. As such Complete Restore should only be used in situations where you need to restore more than just the content of the page.

Clicking Restore Content will restore the editor window to the selected version of the content and allow you to make additional edits.

Your changes will not be saved until you click the Save button (just like when editing a standard piece of content).

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