The Configuration page (access from the top right hand corner of your admin interface) provides tools that can be used to assist advanced users in troubleshooting problems or configuring LearningCart features.

  • FTP Account Information
    FTP is a great way to load either a single large file, or upload a number of files at once.  Read more.
  • Update Payment Gateway
    This feature allows you to configure how your site will accept credit card payments. Read More.
  • File Manager
    Along with FTP (listed above) the File Manager provides an easy to use interface to upload files to your LearningCart site.
  • Manage Redirects
    The Manage Redirects function allows you to easily point one URL to another.  To create a Redirect, click the Add New Redirect button. Enter the Source URL (the url users will visit in their browser) and the Redirect URL (the url you want to automatically redirect to). You can also click the browse link to select a page on the site.
  • Clear Abandoned Orders
    The Clear Abandoned Orders function is used to purge Abandoned orders from the system that are more than 1 day old.
  • Resource File
    The Resource File controls the system text that is displayed throughout your LearningCart site. These changes should be made during non peak hours as updating this file will log out all users.
  • Delete Unused Folders
    This features allows you to automatically identify folders of SCORM training content that are no longer being used by the system. You are then given the option to delete these folders and files to free up disk space.
  • Internal Values
    The Internal Values function controls important components of your site such as the email address messages are sent from, the zip code shipments originate from, Member Discount amount and much more. These values should only be updated under the guidance of your LearningCart representative.
  • Manage Countries
    Manage countries allows you to select what countries you want to allow users to register from for both shipping and billing purposes.
  • Bulk Update Prices
    Bulk update prices allows you to globally adjust all the prices on your site. This is great for example if you want to run a sale where everything on your site is 20% off.
  • Site Map
    LearningCart automatically maintains a sitemap.xml file for search engine purposes. As you edit your site this file is automatically updated. The Site Map utility can be used to manually regenerate your site map. 
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