Bulk Discounts

Bulk discounts offer a great way to incentvize users to order multiple quantities of a product. When you add a Product Price to any LearningCart Product you will see a Bulk Discounts link listed next to each price (see below). Next to the link the number of bulk discounts that have been configured will also be shown. To add/modify/delete bulk discounts just click the Bulk Discounts link. You can then specify the mininum number of seats, the maximum number or seats, and the price you want to charge. For example if you wanted users to pay $9.99 per item if they order a quantity of 50 or less you would enter the Min Quantity of 1 and the Max Quantity of 50 and the Price of 9.99.  If you wanted to then configured a second tier where users who order 51-250 seats were only charged 5.95 you would then add a second bulk discount for a Min Quantity of 51 a Max Quantity of 250 and a Price of 5.95. When a user adds an item to their cart that has a bulk discount configured, the correct discount is automatically applied when they add the items to their shopping cart. 

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