Browse & Edit

While you are logged in as an Admin, Browse & Edit allows you to browse your public LearningCart site and select key areas you would like to edit.

Any editable areas will show with an Edit tag next to them that is clickable. When the Edit tag is clicked you will automatically be routed to the appropriate place in the LearningCart admin area to edit the selected area.

Please note: The Edit tags will only show while you are logged into the LearningCart admin and will not be displayed to end users. If you do not wish to see the edit tags, simply Logout of the LearningCart Admin area.

Currently browse and edit allows you to edit the following types of content in LearningCart.

  • Navigation
  • Page Fragments
  • Content Pages
  • Product Details
  • Blog Home Page
  • Calendar
  • Product Subcategory
  • Blog Posts
  • Quizzes
  • Forms
  • Courses
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