Manage Badges

LearningCart allows you to create custom Badges that are assigned to Courses.  Users can then earn badges as they complete training. These badges are shown on their profile page and can be shared via social media such as Facebook or Linked in. 

To add or edit a Badge, click Content & Settings from the Training section of the left hand admin navigation menu. Next, click Manage Badges.  You can then add or edit a badge. For each badge you can specify the following:

  • Badge Name: Enter the name of the badge. This will display on the Users's profile page.
  • Active: If checked, the badge will be active and available for use.
  • Expiration: Select the type of Expiration for this Badge - a number of Months, or a specific date.
  • Badge Image: Select the image you have created for the Badge using the Browse link.
  • Badge Description: Enter the Badge description.

Once you had added a badge, you can associate it by navigating to a Course and then expanding the Course Settings section and selecting your desired badges under the Badges section. 

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