Affiliate Tracking

LearningCart can track the source of an order using either its integrated tracking system or using the affiliate tracking system of your choice.

Integrated Order Tracking

Anytime a customer visits a page in LearningCart if a source parameter is part of the URL, LearningCart will track the order source and save that information when a customer places an order during that browser session.

For example if you have an affiliate named AcmeCo you could provide them with the link http://YourSiteURL/content/default.aspx?Source=AcmeCo to place on their site - Anytime a customer clicked that link, LearningCart would track the source of AcmeCo. The source parameter can be passed into any page in the LearningCart site except for UserInfo.aspx.

The Source of each order will appear will display when you view an order's detail page. When pulling an Order report, if you export to CSV the source of each order will be displayed. 

3rd Party Affiliate Tracking

LearningCart can easily be configured to work with 3rd party affilifate/referral tracking systems. To add an order tracking snippet or tracking pixel click Site Utilities located in the top right hand corner of the page and scroll down to the Internal Values section. Click the Edit Values button and scroll to the OrderTrackingCode field and click Edit Value link next to it.

You can then enter your desired tracking snippet or tracking pixel code. The OrderTrackingCode field supports the following variables:

  • <OrderID>
  • <OrderTotal>
  • <PriceIDs>
  • <UserEmail>

Insert these variables into the appropriate places in your tracking code to have information such as the OrderID for the order, the Order Total, or a list of PriceIDs that were purchased (separated by commas) reported back to your tracking software.

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