Adding Products

To add a new product select the Manage Products link from the Storefront section of the left navigation menu.

On the Manage Products page select the Add Product button (located at the top of the page) to begin.

The Add Product page allows you to specify the following information about your product.

  1. Site: If your site has subportals, select the appropriate subportals this product will be available on.
  2. Product Name: The name of the product you are adding.
  3. Shipping Weight: The weight of this item if you wish to charge shipping and shipping calculations are enabled for your site. The default value is 0 which will result in no shipping being added.
  4. Taxable Item: If your site has been configured to calculate sales tax, checking this box will add the appropriate tax to a user’s order when this box is checked. The default state is unchecked.
  5. Hidden Product: When checked, this product will be hidden on the site and only accessible by it's direct url. The default state is unchecked. See the Hidden Product instructions for more info on how to use this feature.
  6. Active Product: When checked, the product is available on the site for purchase. When unchecked the product is not available for purchase. The default state is unchecked.
  7. Short Description: This field is used to display a short description of the product that appears in multiple areas of the site, including lists of products and search engine results. Short description displays in the Metatag descriptions on the page (used by search engines) and is also used by the built in search engine for LC
  8. Product Details: This field allows you to specify a detailed HTML enabled description of your product. For tips on using the integrated editor please see the Editor Tips section of this document.

Once you have entered the required information, click the Add button located at the bottom of the Add Product page. A confirmation message will then be displayed and additional product information tabs will become available. Click the tabs to complete configuration of your product.

The product URL will also be displayed on the Product Details page and is in the format - http://YourSiteURL//ProductDetails.aspx?ProductID=XXX

This link will allow the user to access the product page, add the product to their shopping cart and check out.

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