Add a Product Subcategory Page

To add a new subcategory click Store Categories (from the Storefront section of your admin menu) and then click View Subcategories for the category you want to add this subcategory to. The Store Subcategories screen will then load, click the Add Subcategory button. On the Add Subcategory screen the following fields are editable:

  • Category: The category you want to add this subcategory to If the category has not yet been created, see Managing Categories
  • Subcategory: The name of the subcategory you want to add
  • Email Notifications: Add the list of email addresses that should be notified when an order is placed for a product in this subcategory
  • Subcategory Description: The description that will show at the top of the subcategory page in LearningCart for this subcategory This is useful for telling users more about the types or products in this subcategory, or for general marketing purposes.

If you wish to add a link to a product subcategory to your navigation see Adding Content. When adding or editing the content page, in the Document Type field select Link.

Check the Show in Table of Contents box to ensure this page shows in your TOC/navigation.

Click Browse next to the Redirect URL field. A new window will load. From the Type drop down select Product Subcategory. You can then click on the Subcategory you wish to link to. The appropriate URL will automatically be populated into the Redirect URL field.

Click Add to add your link to this subcategory.

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