Add a Placeholder

Adding a Placeholder Page:

To add a Placeholder page to your site, select Add Content from the Site Content section of the admin left navigation menu. The Add Content page will then load. Select the Placeholder button.

After selecting the content type, you will be presented with a tree representing the content on your site. Select the node you would like to add the new content under.

Next, add or edit the Add Content page fields:

  • Name: The title that will display in the Table of Contents.
  • Show in Navigation Menu: For templates that automatically build their site navigation, checking this box will allow the page you are adding to show up in your site’s navigation menu.
  • Active: When checked this document is available to the public. When unchecked the document is inactive. The default state is unchecked.
  • URL: LearningCart will automatically create a URL based on the title you enter, but you can override that by changing this field if desired.
  • Window: Use the drop down menu to select if the content opens in the current window or a new window.

To save your content and publish on your site - click the Add button.

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