Add/Edit Form Fields

To manage the fields shown as part of a form, select Manage Forms from the Forms section of the Admin left navigation menu. On the Form Manager page click the Edit Form Fields link located next to the form you wish to edit. The Manage Form Fields page will then load.

To add a new form field select the type of field you want to add from the Field Type drop down.

You will then be prompted to enter additional information about this field such as the field name, if it is required, or if it should be shown only to administrators (Admin only).

To view and/or manage the list data - click the Manage List Data link. This link will jump to the Form List data page. Forms lists allow you to centrally maintain list options (such as those shown in a drop down menu) that are utilized within various forms.

Once you enter your desired responses click Add Field. As you add fields they will automatically appear in the Form Field Data table listed below. You can then drag and drop items to put them in your desired order. 

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