New Release - v 13.2

Our newest release includes key fixes and updates to continue providing the quality of product you have come to know and expect. 

Admin Updates

  • Admin password reset fixes
  • Content editor fixes
  • Customer import fixes
  • Sub portal enhancements (fixes to ensure proper sub portal data is locked to proper sub portal admins)
  • Editing orders enhancements (to allow removing assigned registration codes)
  • Adding/editing a product fixes to better support locales, time zones, and custom locations
  • Updates to adding/editing a price to allow for unit of measure and to prepopulate end date based on start date
  • New views for admin event calendar
  • Misc time zone fixes
  • Updates to send all email notifications via notification service
  • Support for Microsoft Teams

Front End Updates

  • Misc sub portals fixes
  • Misc time zone display fixes
  • Misc fixes for better internationalization of dates
  • Updates to calendar to hide private sessions
  • New instructor calendar view
  • Support for instructor name/signature on certificates
  • Update for quiz attempts to not be counted until a user starts a quiz
  • Updates to support invoices with international requirements


  • Purchase report fixes
  • Completion report fixes
  • Company field added to customers report
  • New ability to report on a users specific quiz responses on a specific quiz attempt


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