Solution highlights:

  • Salesforce integration & single sign on (SSO) support for customers
  • WebEx VILT deep integration
  • APIs and Avalara tax engine utilization
  • Sub portal use for internal audience with SSO

Siemens E-commerce LMS

The National Safety Council (NSC) is America’s leading nonprofit safety advocate – and has been for over 100 years. As a mission-based organization, they focus on eliminating the leading causes of preventable death so people can live their fullest lives. They  focus their efforts where they can make the greatest impact: workplace, roadway and impairment.

NSC’s existing training solution had limitations as its primary focus was intended for an internal audience and lacked deep support for B2B, B2C, ecommerce and offline purchasing. While NSC was effective at offering training to a wide variety of small and large customers, there were a lot of manual interventions, inefficiencies and workarounds. The offering could not scale to meet demand.

With a new website, CRM, ERP and Identify Management (IDM) solution being implemented NSC’ had very specific requirements for the new platform:

  • Strong B2B, B2C and ecommerce capabilities
  • Ability to also sell physical products & digital items, in addition to training and product bundling
  • Ability for the learning system architecture to be flexible within the new ecosystem – as it was currently being built out
  • Extensible system with native Salesforce Integration, APIs and Avalara tax support
  • Strong support for VILT & API integration with WebEx

NSC offers training in three distinct categories (workplace, roadway and impairment) so it was important to consolidate the technology as much as possible and find a single solution to meet the unique requirements of each business group.

The new solution, NSC Learn is very user friendly, matches the new branding, supports B2B and B2C and allows their administrators and instructors to scale training offerings with much less effort than before. “As NSC continues to evolve it is exciting to see all the possibilities LearningCart provides further supporting their growth strategy, and adding value to their customers”, stated Troy Gorostiza – VP of Solutions.

NSC has implemented an employee sub portal leveraging active directory authentication for their internal employees allowing for a seamless integration with other internal digital properties . With plans to implement sub portals for their chapters it is very important to have one digital solution for all learning modalities that handle registration, delivery, certification and data analytics at the parent site level, as well as for their chapters (distributors) and large customers. LearningCart’s sub portal flexibility provides tremendous potential for chapters to drive additional revenue for NSC offerings as well as for their own unique offerings. 

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