Managing Redirects

Located on the configuration page (access from the top right-hand corner of your admin interface), the 'Manage Redirects' function allows you to easily point one URL to another. 

To add a new redirect, navigate to Configuration -> Manage redirects -> Add redirect. Enter the Source URL (the url users will visit in their browser) and the Redirect URL (the url you want to automatically redirect to). You can also click the browse link to select a page on the site.

Note: If the system finds a matching valid URL it will not initiate a redirect. It's only when the system finds there isn't a matching valid page that the redirect will be initiated. If a page or product is still active in the system at the starting URL the system will find that as a valid page or product and won't redirect the user because there is a valid match. By making the product or content page inactive however the system won't find a valid page or product at that URL and will then handle the redirect as expected.  

For the Source URL we recommend using relative paths and not full URLs. For example use /products/Product.aspx or /content/Home.aspx and not 

Redirecting Product Pages: If the Source page is a product, navigate to Storefront -> Products. Locate the product page you want to redirect and uncheck active.

Redirecting Content Pages: For content pages, navigate to Website -> Pages and Navigation. Locate the content page you wish to redirect and uncheck active.

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