Free Products/Prices


In LearningCart you have two options for configuring a free product/price. When adding a price a "Free" checkbox will appear that lets you indicate a price is available at no charge. When checking this box special rules will apply.

  • If this is the only price on a product the "Add to Cart" button will change to instead say "Register"
  • If a user registers for this price then the normal shopping cart screens will be completely skipped and upon logging in or creating an account the user will be taken straight into their training.
  • For free prices if a start date is specified or if you are enforcing a specific number of seats available the user will only be able to register a single time. This helps prevent a user from accidently repeatedly registering for an event and utilizing multiple seats.
  • Free prices skip the shopping cart screen so a user cannot chose to register for a single seat and assign access to another user. If a user purchases multiple seats the normal process to assign registration codes will be available under their "My Account" screen. If you wish to prevent a user from purchasing multiple seats then check the "limit to a single quantity" checkbox under the advanced tab on your product.
  • When a user registers for a free price they will not receive an order confirmation email since that process is skipped.

The other option for making a free price available is to add a price of 0.00. When doing that the normal checkout process and rules will apply  (such as letting a user chose to assign a single seat to another user or receiving an order confirmation email) however if the user only has a 0 dollar price in their shopping cart the payment screen will be completely skipped and the user will be taken directly to an order confirmation screen. 

By offering these two different approaches customers have flexibility in how they present free prices to customers so they can accommodate different scenarios. 

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