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Forester Media: Improving Efficiency & Insight with LearningCart

Forester Media is a national publishing company focused on providing resources for professionals engaged in a wide range of infrastructure, engineering, and related environmental practices.  Their organization publishes magazines and books, annually holds industry conferences, and offers courses and webinars through Forester University (their education division).


Before signing up with LearningCart, Forester University was using another system that just couldn’t scale to meet their needs.  Adding classes or quizzes was a time consuming & manual process.  With a large customer base and many new products, it became clear that a more efficient solution was needed.  

When John Richardson arrived at Forester University, he was tasked with vetting out 2 – 3 packaged solutions that might fit their requirements.  LearningCart’s pricing model, extensive features , and customization options quickly set it apart from the competition.

The overall implementation from start to finish took about 3 months.  “LearningCart finished their customization work right on time” states John. “Until you get into it and start working with the product you never really know how it will go. Our expectations were definitely met.”

“The main product/course/quiz/module process works great and the Admin is stronger than we expected.   We had so many manual processes in place that we’ve been able to eliminate with LearningCart – it’s made life a lot better for us!  We now have about 220 courses on our site and we put on at least 1 live webinar a week. Our webinars are very large – sometimes up to 1000 attendees.  The fact that they can access their certificates on their own is a huge help.”

LearningCart’s integration with Google Analytics has also helped with sales and marketing says John -   “What we’ve seen is that we are now able to capture metrics and review them more closely – we have google analytics, we’ve hooked up an ecommerce funnel and can analyze where traffic is coming from etc.  This is helping us make some decisions about what products we should be offering, and what is performing or not performing.  We’ve been able to do more experimentation and testing on specials and discounts that we weren’t able to do before. “

“We failed with custom development in the past and so were very cautious moving to a new system... LearningCart definitely makes my life easier.  The software is very good, and the people are even better!”
John Richardson
Director Web Strategy, Forester Media Inc.