Custom LMS Solutions

An LMS Platform that meets your unique needs

LearningCart has been uniquely designed by experts to allow for extensive customizations, while still reliably maintaining a clear upgrade path.

When we built LearningCart, we didn't want to be just another SAAS provider with a take-it-or-leave-it approach. Our goal was to build an ever-expanding solution that accomplishes the needs of 99% of our customers out-of-the-box, while still offering the ability to custom-tailor the solution to some of our client’s unique needs. We also wanted to make sure all our clients – even ones with more customization needs – had a clear upgrade path to take advantage of new features as we roll them out.

Fast & Adaptable

The result is an architecture that gives our clients the best of both worlds. At key points in LearningCart, we can inject custom logic or entire pages to replace our default functionality. This allows you to leverage our extensive library of features while still having the freedom to customize specific areas of the system. The end result is a scalable system that offers customization without the cost and long term headaches of a completely custom solution.

Custom Integrations

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