Conflict Management

Conflict management helps ensure availability of the locations and instructors you utilize when booking an event.

Qualifying Instructors
When you add an instructor to the system you can specify what countries and products are applicable to that instructor. This allows the system to filter your instructor list for qualified instructors based on specific criteria entered when you add an event.

Location Conflict Management
When adding an event, specify the event start/end date then select ‘Show Available Locations’ under ‘Select Price Location’. The locations list will populate based on your date criteria, only showing locations available within the start/end date specified. 

Instructor Conflict Management
Once you have entered your date criteria and selected your location, then select ‘Show Available Instructors’ under ‘Instructors’. The instructor list will populate based on your date, location, and product criteria, only showing instructors available within the start/end date, assigned to the location specified and assigned to the product the session is being added into.

Admin Override
In the event that a conflict occurs, an error message will display when the admin selects ‘Add / Update Price’. The admin can manually override the potential conflict by checking the box ‘Continue anyway’ then selecting ‘Update Price’.

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