Solution Highlights:

  • Salesforce Integration
  • Ehanced Marketing Options
  • Classroom Management

In a life sciences industry that has faced nearly $15 billion in fines and compliance-related settlements over the last several years, The Center for Professional Innovation & Education (CfPIE) is a proven provider for maintaining high standards, protecting industry reputations, and enhancing personal growth. Since 2001, CfPIE has embraced a singular goal—to provide the highest quality education to life science professionals.

CfPIE offers a large range of course options for professional development in pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech, and skin/cosmetics disciplines.  CfPIE runs hundreds of public courses across the globe each year as well as customized courses at customer locations. 

CfPie was searching for a new digital platform that could meet their specific  requirements. Key items included the ability to manage all aspects of selling and tracking seats to their in-person/virtual training sessions, and the ability to integrate with Salesforce and Quickbooks. CfPIE also was looking for a platform with additional features for them to grow into in order to offer online courses and improve their ability to market to customers. Their existing site had continual  technical issues, significant limitations and the provider was small and had no growth plan in place.  

After researching and evaluating several options – CfPie selected LearningCart.  Mark Mazzie, Managing Director at CfPie recalls “We were working with LearningCart to build the site and we had a crisis with our existing site provider.  The site went down for a couple of days and they couldn’t determine when it was going to be back up…The LearningCart team worked really hard to get all aspects of the solution up and running as quickly as possible.”

“We typically have very few calls or feedback from users on the new site - which is really good.  If there is a problem LearningCart is able to resolve it quickly.  The site is certainly a lot more attractive now and it’s easier for customers to use.  And, with the loading of the assessments on the site and allowing people to print certificates we anticipate saving quite a bit of time while making things even easier for our customers.”   

Mark continues – “It’s a lot easier to post our full schedule for the year because the system includes a display start and end date for the specific product dates.  This feature has saved us quite a bit of time in terms of managing the site.  I really like the ease of use and the reporting features.  The ability to export reports is super useful and I’m able to track metrics such as how customers found us and if it was via a search engine, ad or colleague referral.  It’s been very helpful in developing our future plans.”

Mark Mazzie, CfPIE Managing Director
“ Choosing LearningCart was definitely the right choice for our organization ”

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