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Founded in 1969, the California Tow Truck Association (CTTA) represents professional towing operators statewide. Created by and for towing company owners, CTTA provides solutions and resources that empower towing companies to be more professional and progressive within the industry while serving the motoring public. The mission of the California Tow Truck Association is to cultivate a community of professionals able to provide the highest caliber of towing and emergency road service-related solutions for the motoring public and the communities of our state.

Recently, the CTTA identified a gap in training within the industry specifically around new hires.    A project was initiated with the goal of filling that gap with some basic training information in an online training format accessible to their members. CTTA had several specific criteria that made finding an online learning platform challenging.  Their requirements included:

  1. The ability to limit purchases to Members only
  2. The ability to purchase seats in bulk and distribute them
  3. Generous storage
  4. Easy to build quizzes with multimedia
  5. Customized branding
  6. Customized completion certificates. 

Perhaps most importantly, they needed all of those features at a reasonable cost.

We discovered LearningCart through online research of learning systems. The most critical feature for our organization was the ability to lock down purchases of courses to two different associations. LearningCart was the most willing to make customizations at a reasonable rate. The solution also provided the simplest, easy to use solution for distribution of purchased class seats.

Once we made the decision to get started, the implementation process was one of the most impressive aspects of LearningCart. It took less than 3 days to get us up and running with full branding, content, and our customizations. We were blown away by the speed at which support questions were addressed and solved. After everything was set up, we had a couple of requests for changes and they were in place almost immediately.

We now have product for sale on our website at and are using it as a Member Benefit, and also a way in which to drive Membership to both associations involved. We rely most on the ability for purchasers to easily share registration keys, and it works beautifully.

We’ve also realized that we can move some of our existing in-person training into the LearningCart system and save money on labor, supplies, travel, etc. The industry has been clamoring for online certification, and that is our eventual end goal. Certification with state agencies will always require hands-on training, but moving the classroom training online will be beneficial to both the association and its members. By offering this new training, we are showing our Membership that we really do care about driver safety and our Members’ bottom lines!

Eric Gould
Marketing Assistance, CCTA

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