Solution Highlights:

  • Self Service On-Demand Courses
  • Support for Multiple Languages
  • Support for Billing in Canadian Dollars

CCAA is a Canadian Aviation and Aerospace industry organization and is the only sector organization focused on delivering a national labor market and workforce strategy.  CCAA supports industry growth by attracting new talent and enhancing workforce skills. They produce nationally recognized and accredited training workshops, certifications and valued labor market research.

CCAA’s existing online training site was becoming unstable and had no e-commerce capabilities.  If a customer wanted to make a purchase they had to submit a form and the CCAA team would manually process payment and provide access.   If a customer wanted to purchase and access a course over a weekend or after standard working hours – they were out of luck! 

As Phil Sims, Director, Finance & Program Development recalls “We decided to replace our existing system as we wanted to resolve the reliability issue and to offer online purchase and payment facilities.  A colleague working for a different company suggested we include LearningCart in our evaluation as her company had selected them as the most suitable provider for their e-commerce needs.”

CCAA’s main criteria for evaluation were:

  • Cost (both setup and ongoing operation)
  • Ease of moving to the new platform without in-house IT resources
  • Reliability & ease of use for the customer (particularly the payment process)

“Since we are a Canadian Company we needed to be able to offer service in both English and French. LearningCart worked with us to design a solution, which involved creating a sub-portal for the second language.  There was additional time/integration needed to do this but it works well and is managed through a single Administrative site.  The other issue we encountered was that our existing credit card processor would not link directly to Learning Cart, so we had to set up a new processor for card payments. This turned out to be fortuitous as we were able to secure a more attractive deal than we had previously.  And – it worked easily out of the box!

The fact that we now have 24/7 availability to purchase our products is a huge benefit.  We deal with customers in all 3 Canadian time zones and our Customers are aviation mechanics and others that are working days, nights and weekends - they want access when it’s convenient to them.  In the past they had the access but they couldn’t purchase the course and get it done on their own without administrative support.” 

Phil Sims, CCAA Director, Finance & Program Development
“ Business is growing, we are spending less time supporting customers and processing more payments than before.  I think part of that is that we are easier to do business with, we spend much less time processing payments & supporting customers.  We’re also seeing a small but growing amount of business coming from overseas as the online payment features allow people to buy and try with confidence.  Simply put, we’d never go back to the system we had before ”

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