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Solution highlights:

  • Secure website
  • Student ID verification
  • Customization

Since 2010, Body Art Training Group has been a leading provider of online bloodborne pathogens training for tattoo artists, piercers, permanent makeup artists and microblading artists. They offer courses in English, Spanish and Vietnamese.

OSHA and many state and local regulatory agencies require body art practitioners to take bloodborne pathogens training to learn how to protect themselves and their clients from infection and disease.

In 2020, Body Art Training Group found itself in a challenging situation. To make a long story short, they received an internet ransom demand and when they refused the demand their website was destroyed and they were out of business. 

They needed to find a company that could quickly rebuild the website and its unique functionality. The most important requirements for the new website were:

  • Strong website security
  • Student ID verification
  • LMS and CMS customization

After a week of frantic research on the internet, they decided LearningCart was the company best equipped to do the rebuilding.

“LearningCart listened carefully to what we wanted and began work right away. Their team was knowledgeable, efficient and friendly. They returned our calls and emails promptly. We always knew where we were in the rebuilding process.

Within a short time, our new website was built and we were back in business. In addition to all the features we had on our old site, we got many improvements such as group purchases, a what-you-see-is what-you-get (WYSIWYG) page editor and automatic emails for course renewals.

Thanks to LearningCart, our business made a full recovery and our website is better than ever!”

The LearningCart platform has many valuable features and capabilities, but the best thing about LearningCart is their ability to do custom programing for clients with special requirements. When they were rebuilding our website, they gave me everything I asked for, and I asked for a lot!

I love the new website LearningCart built for us. Our students love the new site, too. We get lots of positive feedback from them about how easy it is to use.

I highly recommend LearningCart to any company who is looking for a comprehensive eLearning platform.

Kathy Hartman
Founder, Body Art Training Group

See what Body Art Training Group and LearningCart have achieved together:

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