Live Chat FTW

The goal for nearly all websites is to increase sales, reduce costs, and better engage customers. Many businesses, however, are missing a simple and cheap way of helping them achieve those goals: implementing a live chat widget.

Live chat gives your customers the ability to immediately connect with you in a convenient and informal way. Electronic communication will continue to replace more traditional methods like phone and live chat is part of that progression. Study after study shows that customers are more likely to engage using a live chat widget than using a phone. An American Marketing Association study actually showed that simply by implementing a live chat widget, organizations were able to increase conversions by at least 20%.

Another benefit of live chat is that it allows you to better utilize your resources. Unlike a call center, live chat agents can easily assist multiple customers at once. Most systems support creating canned responses so agents can handle common questions quickly and consistently.

In the context of an LMS, a live chat widget can have an even greater impact. Imagine if your learners could ask questions during training and get an immediate response?! That alone could help differentiate your course offerings, improve learner outcomes, and increase customer satisfaction.

LearningCart makes it easy to integrate with almost any Live Chat service.

Most services provide a simple code snippet that you add to your site template in order to add them to your site. Just find the service you want to use (such as - which is free), sign up, and typically you will then see instructions on how to install the widget.

In the LearningCart admin...

  1. Select Site Content > Manage Page Templates from the left navigation menu.
  2. Select Edit Template.
  3. On the Manage Templates page, select the Show HTML Markup link
  4. Paste the code snippet from the chat service you selected
  5. Click the Save button.

You are now ready to start leveraging live chat to better sell your training and courses.

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