LearningCart version 8

At LearningCart we are excited to be starting off 2017 with the launch of LearningCart version 8.  Over the years our customers have been great at providing feedback based on their in-the-trenches experience selling content, courses, and events.  LearningCart 8 incorporates a large amount of this feedback, as well as improves existing features and adds  brand new functionality.

So what’s new?  Well a lot! We won’t highlight all the new enhancements here but below is a quick summary:

Gamification – LearningCart 8 incorporates support for gamification. Administrators can assign points to specific Modules, Quizzes, Forms, as well as the ability for users to earn a variable number of points for each day they login. Points are displayed via a high score board, and different messages can be displayed to users when they login, depending on the number of points they have achieved.

Badges – With our new badges feature, Administrators can create badges, specify when a badge expires, and assign the badge to a course. Users then earn badges by completing courses. Once a badge is earned it is displayed on the user’s profile. Users can share specific badges via social media or share the link to their public profile. Additionally users can upload/add training records from other systems to enhance their public profile.

New Module Types – Our new file upload module allows Administrators to incorporate the ability to upload files and comments into the flow of a course. Uploads can then be reviewed and commented on by instructors.  Our new HTML module allows Administrators to easily and quickly build HTML based content and add that to their courses. Lastly, our new blog connector lets you pull blog content into your courses. This offers you the ability to engage your users and interact with them via comments.

Other enhancements include things such as improved contextual help, automatic generation of calendar invites,  new reports, enhanced permission control, and much more. User Interface updates have also been added throughout, including an updated My Account page (see screen show below).

We like to say that no other platform comes close to the unique combination of features that LearningCart can provide. With this new release, we are confident we will continue to set the standard when it comes to selling courses online.

For full release notes please visit our knowledge base

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