LearningCart review by Ecommerce-Platorms.com


When we set out to build LearningCart we wanted it to be different. Thats just one of the many reasons we were excited to read the great things the team at Ecommerce-Reviews.com had to say about out platform in their recent review: LearningCart Review: A Little Different Than Your Average Ecommerce Platform

"What’s interesting about LearningCart is that the company is seemingly better than any learning management program that also doubles as a moneymaking tool.

Some competing programs are only for schools and organizational learning, while others are smaller plugins with simple functionality for getting courses published quickly on a website.

After taking a look at LearningCart, it’s clear that a significant amount of work and planning went into the system, seeing as how layers upon layers of features seemed to popup, right when I thought there could be no more."

Read the full article on Ecommerce-Reviews.com.

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