LearningCart Awarded Top 15 Specialty LMS by Talented Learning

Top 15 Specialty Learning System Award Badge from Talented LearningLearningCart is honored to be included in the “2023 Top 15 Specialist Learning Systems Award Winners” list published annually by the leading independent research and consulting group for learning technology buyers and sellers, Talented Learning. 

"This honor further validates our approach to helping our customers tackle the various challenges they face. Our goal has always been to provide all the necessary tools our clients need to grow their training business." says Christian Gainsbrugh, CTO and Co-Founder of LearningCart. 

Each year, Talented Learning rigorously researches and analyzes learning systems, paying special attention to vendors with breakthrough business models, noteworthy technologies, stellar services and other meaningful differentiators. Meeting these criteria is a huge testament to the work done by the LearningCart team to develop a comprehensive turn-key solution that addresses the most problematic issues that users face when selling content through a Learning Management System (LMS). The end result is a product that is more intuitive and user-friendly enabling organizations to easily market, seamlessly deliver, and profitably sell their learning and training products around the world.

"There's so much in LearningCart that just doesn't exist in normal LMS, even LMSs that have ecommerce and are used by organizations to sell content." says John Leh, CEO and Lead Analyst for Talented Learning. "The difference is because they don't do anything else. They're focused on the selling of content which allows them to innovate constantly in this area." 

The LearningCart software features a robust LMS, CMS and E-commerce system with hundreds of integrations and plugins.

"The WordPress-type website functionality and the functionality around the templates and the creating of the pages has the feel of a marketing tool and not of a learning tool. Anyone selling content knows that at best it's 50% marketing, 50% learning. LearningCart, because they focus on learning as a business, has really addressed that 50% marketing that most learning systems aren't good at because they are designed for learning and not for business."

"I'm impressed. Great system, great solution. If you're selling content, you've got to be talking to LearningCart." 

About LearningCart
LearningCart provides everything an organization needs to transform their training, or educational offerings, into a robust revenue stream. From the single unified platform, customers can access an integrated website builder, e-commerce shopping cart, blog engine, learning management system (LMS), as well as a variety of integrations with popular 3rd party platforms. The solution lets you market, sell, and deploy nearly any type of educational product, including eLearning, videos, on-demand training, live webinars, physical products (such as books/materials), e-books, downloadable files, and even access to 3rd party systems.

About Talented Learning
Talented Learning, LLC is an independent research and consulting firm devoted to helping organizations of all sizes choose and use LMS solutions and related technologies for their unique business needs.

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