Intro to Google Analytics

If you are interested in answering important questions like, how many people visited my website, what websites they come from, what pages do they like the most, where do they live, then Google Analytics is for you. Google Analytics is a free website traffic analytics tool that has become so popular over half of all websites use it.

Installing Google Analytics is incredibly easy. If you already have a Google account you use for another service like Gmail, google drive or youtube, you can use that to create an account. 

If you don’t have an existing account with Google you can simply sign up for one.

Google Has a great introduction to your first steps:

Out of the box, LearningCart is set up to easily integrate with Google Analytics.

  1. Just copy your Google Analytics ID, which is shown in your Google Analytics Account.
  2. Then log into your LearningCart admin and navigate to Site Content > Site Settings.
  3. Under Site Settings, you will see a field for “Google Analytics ID.”
  4. Paste your ID into that field hit "Save" and your site is ready to start recording analytics.

Once your tracking code has been set up, data about your visitors will immediately start being captured. Even if you don’t plan on utilizing your analytics data immediately, the sooner you start tracking it, the better. You or a search engine marketing expert can always go back and use historical data to track trends and gauge how things are improving — and, importantly, address the things that need improving because you'll see what they are!

Website metrics are a crucial piece of business intelligence that you simply can’t afford to ignore. We hope this tutorial encourages you to start leveraging them today! And, it's free, so you've got nothing to lose.

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