Degreed Integration

LearningCart + Degreed Integration

We are excited to announce our new Degreed integration. This new update allows our customers to increase adoption of their content by making it easy for Degreed users to access and consume LearningCart content from within the Degreed interface.

Here's how it works

Once this integration is enabled, courses from LearningCart are automatically published to a customer's Degreed instance. Users can then browse and access LearningCart courses from within Degreed. Once they find a course they want to launch the user is automatically transferred into LearningCart via SSO (single sign on) and their selected course will immediately load. As a user progresses through the course their status is then reported back to Degreed via the Degreed API.


Degreed provides a robust platform to enable and track life long learning and their enterprise solutions are used by many large organizations. By making this integration available we are providing our customers a way to harness that potential user base and another way to increase their training revenue.

If you are interested in integrating your LearningCart site with Degreed, please contact us for more information!

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