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One of LearningCart's core ecommerce features is the ability to sell access to either traditional or virtual products.  Our support for virtual files allows you to sell access to any digital file, web page, or scorm compliant training module.  Whenever you configure a product in the LearningCart system you can easily control what files a user will have access to once the product is purchased. Additionally, products can be configured to have multiple prices - this allows you to offer different options to your users, such as 6 months of access for 1 price or 12 months for a different price.

For each price you make available you also can specify a different variables that control functionality such as how long the user will have access to their virtual files, if the purchase should be treated as a subscription,  etc. Below is a breakdown of some of these settings and how they function.

Generate Registration Codes (yes/no)
This setting is useful for products that may be purchased by a single corporate user for their department. When set to "Yes" LearningCart will automatically generate 1 registration code for each quantity purchased. These registration codes can then be distributed to end users - Registration codes will allow users to register for an account (or login with their existing one) and access the purchased files.

Recur for (months)
If you want the product to be a monthly subscription, you can set the number of months the subscription fee should occur for.

Trial Period (days)
The trial period can be set so the users can try your service for free for X days. A credit card will still be required when the user checks out and that card provided will automatically be billed at the conclusion of the trial period.

Duration (months)
Duration is how many months a user should have access to the resources they are purchasing. After this period has expired the user will have to reorder in order to regain access.

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