LearningCart is tightly integrated with Google Analytics (a free service) to provide detailed site usage metrics to site administrators.  Sites using Google Analytics are able to easily track how many people are visiting their site, where traffic is coming from, and build detailed reports based on date ranges and geographic areas.

In addition to these standard features our integration approach also includes leveraging Google Analytics ecommerce tracking features. Any time a user places an order using LearningCart, detailed order information is automatically sent to your Analytics account. This means that along with tracking traditional metrics you can also track sales oriented data such as visit to purchase conversion rates, see average order totals, track top selling products and build reports based on geographic areas to tracks sales locations.  

This combination of usage and sales data allows site administrators to very closely monitor traffic patterns and site performance. In addition if you are utilizing Google Adwords in combination with Google Analytics you can directly track the ROI of your marketing campaigns down to the per click level.

For a quick demo of Google Analytics and some of the more basic reporting functions, see the following video.

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