Session Free SCORM LMS

As we discussed in our previous blog post about the LearningCart SCORM connectivity monitor – It’s not that uncommon for some learning management systems (LMSs) to have intermittent issues saving user progress.

Sometimes this is caused by connectivity issues, other times it is caused because many LMS systems rely on session variables.

Session variables (such as those used when you login to your bank’s website) inherently expire after a set amount of time. Because of that they are great for security and for applications where you don’t need the user’s session to persist for long.  This is great for applications like banking where if a user has to log back in, it’s not that big of a deal.  This doesn’t work so well for training applications though – imagine your user has spent the last half hour in their course only to find that they have been logged out of their session and their progress has not been saved.

This is unfortunately a surprisingly common scenario in many LMS systems – One that will show up more frequently the more people you have utilizing your site.

LearningCart was specifically designed to not utilize session variables to save user course data.  This means a user can spend as long as they need in a course and still consistently trust that their progress will be saved. In an era of mobile computing, this is especially important – With LearningCart a user can start a course on their laptop at a coffee shop, bring their laptop home and finish the course, all without having to re-launch their training or log back in.

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