SCORM Connectivity Monitor

A common issue with many learning management systems (LMSs) is intermittent issues saving user progress. This often has to do with the fact that SCORM training can operate even if it’s disconnected – This means a user can progress through their training while having no indication there may be a problem communicating with the LMS and saving their progress.

This issue is especially common when dealing with end users in highly regulated industries (such as energy and healthcare) where (for security reasons) corporate networks are frequently configured to periodically require a user to re-authenticate in order to continue their internet access.

To help address any potential issues caused by a loss of internet connectivity, LearningCart implements a connectivity monitor that automatically initiates whenever a user launches a course.  If during the course of the user’s session, internet connectivity is lost, the user is automatically notified of the potential problem.  Along with the error message, LearningCart displays a few common tips to resolve the issue and notifies the customer to not exit the training until the problem is resolved.

As soon as the connectivity monitor detects the connection has been restored, the warning message is automatically removed and users can continue with their training.

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