IP Based Security

IP based security is an optional & configurable feature we built into LearningCart to help address our customers concerns that a single user account could potentially be shared among many users/computers in an organization.

When enabled, every time a user logs into the LearningCart site we track the IP address their computer is using. If their account exceeds the maximum number of allowed IP addresses within the specified period of time (usually 48 hours), then the user account becomes locked and can no longer access the site.

Whenever an account is locked a site administrator is also automatically notified – this allows the administrator to reach out to the customer to investigate further.  If the administrator determines the account should be re-enabled, that can easily be done from the administrative interface.

Both the number of IP addresses that are allowed as well as the number of hours can be customized to best meet the unique needs of each of our clients. This feature can also be disabled if account sharing is not a concern.

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