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Build and sell courses as products with a fully integrated LMS that makes sense to your customers, and keeps them coming back again and again! It's a snap to integrate video, SCORM, training, downloads, quizzes, feedback forms, external content and more. Manage your customers and learners with insightful reports, track user compliance and automatically issue certificates of completion — all from one fully-integrated, SCORM-compliant, e-commerce learning management system.

  • SCORM Compliant

    LearningCart is scorm compliant allowing you to easily integrate content from a variety of different tools including:
    • Articulate
    • Captivate
    • Presenter
    • Lectora
    • Camtasia
    • iSpring
    • Any SCORM Compliant Authoring Tool!
  • Ecommerce Enabled

    No other platform has as many options for selling your training as LearningCart. Multiple pricing options, coupons, bulk discounts, course bundles, the ability for managers to purchase multiple seats for their team – Chances are if you need it, we already have it in our platform.
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  • Robust Reporting

    New customers are frequently impressed at the level of reporting available in LearningCart. From tracking sales, to tracking completions, to keeping a complete audit log of user & admin activity – LearningCart tracks thousands of data points to help you be able to report on the data that matters to you. All of our reports are filterable by group and exportable to excel, making it easy to segment and share your data to gain even further insights.
  • Certificates of Completion

    LearningCart allows you to automatically issue certificates of completion when a user completes all the required items in a course. Our Certificates can be completely customized with your logos, fonts, colors and desired look and feel. Your certificates can even be multiple pages to include things like a printable wallet card that your users can print out and carry with them.
  • Video Streaming

    Video content is an easy and effective way to train your users. LearningCart fully supports video by both integrating with leading providers like YouTube and Vimeo, as well as offering our own native video hosting platform based on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Along with offering great playback performance, our platform also lets administrators set advanced options like disabling fast-forwarding, or requiring a user to watch 100% of a video before being marked as complete.
  • Feedback Forms

    Gathering feedback from your users is an important tool to improve the quality of your training, and increasingly a metric that is required by credentialing organizations that approve CEUs. LearningCart allows you to build custom feedback forms that are integrated into the flow of your courses.
  • Blended Learning & In-Person Events

    LearningCart can track both online training as well as in person or classroom events. This allows you to build blended learning courses, or sell access to live events, while still offering users the ability to track their training progress and certifications online via the LMS.
  • Badges & Gamification

    With LearningCart you can easily associate badges with a course so that user earn badges as they complete training. Badges can be shared via social media, or via the users custom profile page – you can even enable the ability for users to add training to their profile that is earned outside the system. Our gamification features allow you to designate the number of points users earn for completing different activities, present them with messages based on their achievement, and encourage them to compete via an integrated high scoreboard.
  • Supported Training Content

    Learning is changing, and so are the formats being used to deliver it. We support a variety of different types of training content in our LMS which allows our customers to easily build courses regardless of the format of their material. With LearningCart you can easily build a course made out of the following types of content.
    • SCORM Content
    • Videos
    • Quizzes
    • PDFs
    • Powerpoint
    • HTML
    • Feedback Forms
    • YouTube Videos
    • Vimeo Videos
    • Trainee file uploads
    • Any digital file
    • Links to outside URLs
    • In-Person Events
    • Blog Posts
    • Virtual Events (Web and Video Conferencing) 

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