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Release History

The following information provides an overview of the updates and enhancements released in the latest version of LearningCart.

To determine what version of LearningCart you are running, simply login to your admin area. Once logged in, on your account dashboard you will see the "Current Version" displayed. If you are running a version prior 1.21 and wish to upgrade please contact support.

Please note that if your version ends with the letter "C" (e.g. 1.21C) then you are running a customized version that may require additional considerations when upgrading.

Current Release (1.21)

  • Added fix for "Manage Discounts" page to improve formatting of long product names.
  • Added support to IP based security to restrict user access to X number of IPs for a duration of X hours.
  • Added ability to turn on/off commenting on a blog post by blog post basis.
  • Created new function to easily retrieve internal values from SQL queries.
  • Enhanced support for Facebook based logins.
  • Fixed bug with exeternal resource URLs not being formatted properly when added as a link via LinkDocuments page.
  • Added a new section on the administrative "user profile" page to allow easy auditing of a user's file access history. Ability to edit access start and end expiration dates was also added.
  • Added code to detect if a user's internet connection is dropped while they are in the process of taking a training module. If so the user is displayed a prompt notifying them of the potential problem and instructing them to not exit the training until their connection is restored.
  • Upgraded editor to CK Editor 4.0.1.
  • Removed zeros and the letter O from the security captcha due to their similarity in appearance.